(4 PhD and 19 Msc. Thesis Supervised)


Ph.D. Thesis Supervised

1. Shaaban Sahmoud, Characterization of Changes for Dynamic Multi-Objectvie Optimization Problems,  2019.


2. Sanem Arslan, Performance and Cost Efficient Reliability Framework for Manycore Architectures, Bogazici University (co-advisor), 2017.


3. Isil Oz, Thread Vulnerability for Multicore Architectures, Bogazici University (co-advisor) ,2013.

4. Betül Demiroz, Application Mapping and Optimization for CMP Based Architectures, Bogazici University (co-advisor),  2011.

M.S. Thesis Supervised


1. Goshgar İsmaılov, New Heuristics for Workflow Scheduling in Cloud Computing",  2019.


2. Zuhal Ozturk, Characterizing Error Propagation on Scientific Applications”, 2017.


3. Hakan Pekdemir, Enhancing Fireworks Algorithm for Dynamic Optimization Problems”,  2017.


4. Muhammad Aditya Sasongko, Support for Compilers to Provide  Fault Tolerance in Multithreaded Applications,  2017.


5. Lokman Altın, Hybrid Techniques for Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems, 2015.

6. Engin Akar, Metaheuristics based Online Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, 2013.

7. Mesut Sifyan, Path Planning for Multiple Mobile Sensor Platforms, 2011.

8.Sanem Arslan, Scheduling of Multiple Multi-Threaded Applications on CMPs, Bogazici University (co-advisor), 2011. 

9. Berna Kiraz, Hyper-Heuristıc Approaches for Static and Dynamic Generalized Assignment Problem, 2009.

10. Isıl Hasircioglu, 3-D Offline Path Planning for Unmanned Aerial  Vehicles by Using Metaheuristics, 2008. 

11. Alper Köse, Locality Aware Task Scheduling in Heterogeneous Computing Environments, 2007.  

12. Esma Yıldırım, Reliability based dynamic scheduling of independent tasks in heterogeneous computing environments, 2006. 

13. Demet Ayvaz, Performance evaluation of evolutionary heuristics in dynamic environments, Bogazici University (co-advisor), 2006.

14.Gulsah Yilmaz, Improving Data Locality for Compiler Optimization by Using Hybrid Genetic Algorithms, 2005. 

15. Fatma Corut Ergin, Parallel  Heuristics for Location Management in Mobile Networks, 2005.

16. Betül Demiröz, Hybrid Evolutionary Algorithms for Solving the Register Allocation Problem 2004. 

17. Bahar Karaoglu, Location Area Management for Mobile Networks with Evolutionary Algorithms, Bogazici University (co-advisor), 2004.

18. Ruhsar Soğancı, Parallel Implementation of a VQ-Based Text-Independent Speaker Identification, Bogazici University (co-advisor), 2004. 

19. Ali Fuat Alkaya, Task Scheduling Techniques for Arbitrary Network Topologies, Marmara University, 2003. 


Thesis in Progress


Mustafa Mücahit Tozlu, “Machine Learning Assisted Metaheuristics for Solving Dynamic Optimization Problems”, M.Sc. Thesis


Murat Can Günay, "Multipo-Objective Evolutionary Algorihms for Dynamic Monitor Selection Problem", M.Sc. Thesis


Lokman Altın, “Task Allocation and Scheduling in Fog Computing”, Boğaziçi University (co-advisor), Ph.D. Thesis





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